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About Ange Photography

"Wedding Photography is our way of telling a love story."

Photographing weddings is not just a job, it is a passion.
Capturing once-in-a lifetime moments into brilliant and beautiful shots makes every photograph worth it. Whether posed or candid, your photographs will have a lasting impression. With a professional eye, a dedicated heart, and quick shutter reflexes, your cherished moments will be forever captured.

Weddings are celebrations so full of life. The moment the groom sees his blushing bride, the tears of happiness in the eyes of the mother of the bride, the smiles on the fathers, the kiss celebrating as husband and wife truly tell a special story. It is an honour to witness such a wondrous occasion and to capture your story into beautiful photographs.

Why Ange Photography?

As a photographer, I have been inspired by culture in France, a recognised cultural pinnacle of the arts. French is internationally recognised as the language of love, Ange being the word for Angel - a guardian to watch over the spiritual union of marriage, and is used as an icon that underpins the Ange Photography concept.

A lifelong passion for wedding photography

My interest in photography came 15 years ago...

I bought my first SLR camera while at university and enrolled in my first darkroom photography class.

I spent hours developing and creating photographs in my make-shift darkroom at home.

Since then, I have shifted to digital and enjoy all the benefits it offers.

passion of wedding photos
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